Sunday, June 13, 2010

Light Up

On the last track of his album, Thank Me Now, Drake says, "You make friends with Mike but gotta A-I him for your survival." He is referring to Allen Iverson's crossover on Michael Jordan during Iverson's beginning years. Drake could possibly be subliminally referencing to his verse in comparison to Jay Z's on "Light Up". Me personally, I still think Jay had the better verse. What you think?


  1. Christian:
    I think Jay-Z's verse went harder. As his verse opens up Jay gets your attention with the wordplay. Jay's verse is also more introspective than Drake's because he's offering up insight and words of wisdom to Drake. My favorite part is the emotion Jay-Z shows when he admits to being a victim of letting money and fame change him. This is as deep as Jay has gone in a minute.

  2. Christian:
    Wayne's verse on the "Rikers Remix" to "Light Up" is disgusting. Since he literally spit the verse through the phone its a little fuzzy, but I like that. It just makes the track sound even realer.