Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank Me Later

Drake's talent has earned the best production and features a debut has ever had: Alicia Keys, Kanye, Swizzy, T.I., Dream, Jeezy, Jay, Wayne, and Timbo. This album is in a class of its own. It can only be compared with a hand full of past projects, namely Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak. It has the perfect songs to get Drakes message across: The blessing of fame is accompanied with a struggle to find love and a surplus of haters.
He blew up quickly (FIREWORKS ft. Alicia Keys), but in the process he lost the love of his life (KARAOKE), which causes him to question if all of this is worth it (RESISTANCE). Must be, since he claims, "Its far from Over" (OVER). Maybe because he can't get enough of the Life (SHOW ME A GOOD TIME by Kanye) he is enjoying with his team, Young Money (UP ALL NIGHT ft Nicki Minaj). So forget love, he's just looking for a fancy girl (FANCY by Swizzy ft. T.I.) who can shut the club down (SHUT IT DOWN ft. Dream). Still he hopes the girls he's loved will miss him (MISS ME ft. Wayne) on his race to becoming unforgettable (UNFORGETTABLE ft. Jeezy), in which he is coached by the best, Jay-Z (LIGHT UP ft. Jay Z). Even through all of this though, Drake's lack of love frustration is still present and will always be (FIND YOUR LOVE by Kanye)... Thank Me Later will go down as clssic in years to come...but you can thank him now for it (THANK ME NOW by Timberland).

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  1. Thank Me Later was cool. Its also very easy listen to. I find that that's mostly due to the outstanding production credited to Kanye, Timbaland, Boi-1da, Swizz Beatz etc. I have two main issues with Drake's album. The first is that the sound of the album is not very original. Drake's album sounds like the B-sides to the 808's and Heartbreaks album. The beats and some of the content sound very similar. My second issue with the album is that Drake still refuses to switch up his flow. Its the same monotone, predictable flow he's been using his entire young career. The album has some jams, but Drake still remains boring and non-original to me.