Friday, June 11, 2010

Kobe Bryant's Weakest "Fights"

If you know me you know I'm a HUGE Kobe Bryant fan. As of right now Kobe looks like he's on track to win his 5th NBA Championship against the Boston Celtics. Although nobody wants to see Kobe with the basketball, Kobe wants to see nobody with the hands. Kobe's hand game has been continuously exploited throughout his career. Here, I have compiled a list of his weakest fights. Just for laughs, of course.

Kobe v. Ron Artest- This fight isn't too bad because Kobe actually initiated it. He wasn't trying to see Ron Ron after though.

Kobe v. Reggie Miller-Kobe is super weak for letting Reggie Miller's skinny ass pick him up and body slam his ass on the scorers table. Reggie has since called Kobe "the most complete player in the NBA since Jordan", while Kobe has called Reggie "the toughest player I've had to guard in my career."

Kobe v. Chris Childs- This fight went pretty much like this: Kobe threw a weak ass elbow then Chris Childs two-pieced his ass, end of fight.

Kobe v. Raja Bell- The WEAKEST of the Kobe ass-whoopings because WHO LETS SOMEBODY CLOTHESLINE THEM AND THEN WALK AWAY. I guess a guy with a multi-million dollar contract at stake...SMH.

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