Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Every region of the US has its era. Right now, the south is dominating the game. The southern style of flow is what's popular right now probably because of Wayne (or Houston, depends how you look at it). Radio stations play nothing but Wayne, *Drake, T.I., Jeezy, Ludacris, etc. And that won't change until they heavyweights either fall off or retire...which I don't see happening for another 5 years at least.

East Coast no doubt had their era, and their style is still quite popular today. People like Jayz, Fab, and Kiss, are still keeping up with the South. But when JayZ retires....If JayZ retires, New York/East Coast will fade.

What happened to West Coast rap? I'll tell you, Pac died. But during his time and even a few years after.
The West was dominant. They are trying to make a comeback. Game is just tryna hold it down long enough for new artists like Nipsey Hustle, Fashawn, and Jay Rock to get it together. Will they ever? Only time will tell.

I think Midwest is next up tho. People like Eminem, and Kanye have been killing the game, laying the foundation for up and coming artists like Big Sean and Freddie Gibbs. The reason I say they are next up is because Eminem and Kanye are still relevant. Em has a few more albums in him and Kanye isn't going anywhere for a while. Yes, southern heavyweights like Jeezy have quite awhile too, but they aren't on the level of Em and Kanye.

Just my thoughts...what are yours?


  1. i dont get what you mean by the midwest being "next up" how much do you figure that? if anything that is the flagship region of hip hop when you consider detroit and chicago. jdillas production has gone nationwide, black milk, eminem, royce da 5'9 have great CDs to their credit (im missing a few). and as far as chicago, not only do they have history (artists like twista and do or die) they have kanye, common, and lupe fiasco. then there is cleveland which has bone. i think that the midwest has really been the most consistent lately in making GOOD music. the south just has the airwaves, which really doesnt say much

  2. Airwaves? Jeezy T.I. Ludacris Gucci Bun B Wayne outkast Jcole... Just a few off the top of my head. No doubt the Midwest has talent and have been a dominant force but the south is dominating the whole game. Who from the Midwest do you hear more than anyone I just named. Eminem and kanye that's it. Granted they are 2 of the best doin it but it's clear the south is dominating the rap game. Just like New York used to. Just like the west coast used to. Now it's the south and I'm sayin the Midwest is "next up"

  3. I would have to say that the South has the most prominent and successful rappers at this time. The Midwest has their fair share also, but not like the South. The Midwest is tryna come back though with Kid Cudi (Cleveland), Big Sean (Detroit) and Wiz Khalifa (Pittsburgh).