Monday, June 28, 2010


So I go to school at Howard University, in Washington, D.C.  The nations capitol is known for a lot of things, but rap music is not one of them.  Boys jam that go-go down there and I respect that.  I don't like it, but it's their own particular style of music that originated in D.C., similar to the way we view chopped and screwed music here in Houston.  However, the one artist that has made a buzz from the DMV recently is Wale.  I'm not a huge Wale fan, but he's not terrible.  His debut album "Attention Deficit" was released in November 2009 and sold nearly 30,000 copies first week.  That's not very impressive for an artist who is managed by Jay-Z's RocNation, promoted his album by touring with Jay-Z, N.E.R.D. and J. Cole, and whose singles featured Lady Gaga and Gucci Mane.  Is there a chance that Wale can bounce back from a subpar start and become the one to put the DMV on the map?


  1. I can't lie, his debut was not bad at all. However, thats due to his concepts, hooks, and 3 superb features from Bun B, Jcole, and Gucci. But its hard for me to just listen to Wale's style. I can't hate tho I just prefer a traditional flow, not whatever Wale be doin.... shout out DC though

  2. It really wasn't that bad. Like you said, his concepts, hooks and beats are all on point. He's another one of those artists who has an "acquired flow". He has everything he needs to be successful in the industry. I like the dude, I hope he can make a better sophomore album effort.