Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rep Yo City

One of the most traditional  of rap is to rep where you are from. Today, I hear the new artists reppin', but is it where you from or where you at....or how you rap. For my previous post I listed sever of the up and coming artists representing the new class of hip hop. I hear these artists representing their hometown frequently but where do they fall? Let me rephrase: Is Drake a souther rapper or a Canadian rapper? Is Jcole a southern rapper (from N. Carolina) or and East Coast rapper ("down south kid with an east coast flow")? What is Wiz Khalifa? Fashawn has an East Coast flow too. Get my drift? I have said before that the south is dominating the game. And I stand by my statement especially because all they southern rappers are from the south. Kanye, Em, Common, etc...Midwest. So when people like Drake, Jcole, and Wiz Khalifa takeover...what region gets the credit?? I think this question is significant because its such a big part of the hip hop culture.

Random thoughts again. What do you think?

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  1. I feel like the entire genre of rap is changing and all the styles and influences of rap are becoming fused together in a way. A lot of people (including myself) believe that Drake's flow and style come from the South, more specifically Houston. Therefore, I would attribute Drake's style to the South. J. Cole is another artist who gives off a different vibe than where he's from. He has an "East Coast" flow, but has a lot of Southern content and messages. Nowadays it seems like you need to just get in where you fit in, because a half-white, Jewish, rich kid from Canada is the most popular RAPPER in the world right now. Crazy.