Monday, June 28, 2010

What about the Ladies

Who's the dopest female rapper of all time? The Notorious K.I.M.? Missy Misdemeanor? Eve? Lauryn Hill?
Each has multiple platinum albums. Each has at least one grammy and several nominations. Perhaps its Missy though since she has 5 grammys. Or maybe Lauryn Hill, since her debut solo album has sold 8 mill, a number that took Eve 3 albums to match. Granted, Lauryn Hill's debut was not limited to just rap. Or does lil Kim's legacy and affiliation catapult her to the top?
I hate to not pick Lauryn Hill because of her nearly diamond debut. But its clear to me that Missy Elliot is the best female rapper of all time. 6 albums, all platinum, 1 double platinum. 5 grammys. Several #1 hit singles (My fav being The Rain)....What do you think? Am I missing anyone?


  1. I agree, Missy is the greatest female rapper of all time . Everytime she puts out an album you know you're going to get some ground breaking visuals for the videos and fun club anthems. As stated above her longevity is undeniable, one of my favorite things about her is that she makes rap fun without looking soft.

    On the flip side, yeah Lauryn Hill is "hip hop", but i consider her more of r&b artist than a mc. When i think of Lauryn Hill i think of ballads and stripped down acoustic songs not rapping, but that might just be me.


  2. Definitely Missy. Lil' Kim went hard and had a real solid run but after Biggie died she kinda fell off and never fell back on. Missy Elliot has great production (in large part due to herself) and an original style thats fun and energetic. Missy has the most hits, the most records sold and just the best music.

    And yeah Lauryn Hill isn't much of a rapper, although she is a superb lyricist. If it the question was based off lyricism I'd give say her, but Missy is the best female rapper of all time.