Monday, June 28, 2010

RIP DJ Screw

A friend came to the house @ 12:30 AM last night. We sipped on the syrup and blew a couple sweets while listening to my favorite genre of music, screwed and chopped. Yesterday, June 27, was the 39th birthday of the late Robert Earl Davis Jr. aka DJ Screw. Screw music is now popular around the entire country and is a part of the Houston experience. He is often imitated today, but has yet to be duplicated. Some of my favorite DJ Screw mixes are: June 27th freestyle, UGK's One Day, Missy's The Rain, R. Kelly's Bump n Grind, Biggie's Juicy, and Lil Keke's Peepin in my Window. What are some of your favorite Screw tapes or songs?

1 comment:

  1. DJ Screw was the greatest. No one could chop and screw a track like him. He's my favorite DJ of all time.
    My favorite tracks:
    Missy Elliot- SupaDupa Fly (I Can't Stand The Rain)
    UGK- One Day
    R. Kelly- Bump N' Grind (Remix)
    Prince-Purple Rain
    EGS- Swang and Bang
    DJ DMD- So Real (SUC Remix)
    ...Every SUC song and every other DJ Screw song.

    As far as Screwtapes go, real Screwheads need to get: All Screwed Up, Codeine Feind, Late Night Fuckin Yo Bitch, 10 Deep)