Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rap Music's New Class

Magazines like XXL, along with others have been endorsing a "new class" of rappers who are up and coming. Some of these artists include Wale, Big Sean, Wiz Khlalifa, J. Cole and of course Drizzy Drake. All of these up and coming artists add their own flavor to the ever changing hip-hop scene. Of course, Drake is at the forefront of this new group of MC's and is by far the most popular. The anticipation of his debut album "Thank Me Later" is one of the most highly anticipated rap debuts in years. Although I'm not an avid Drake fan, I can't deny that a lot of his music is easy on the ears. The "new" artist that I would have to endorse would be Big Sean. Big Sean is my favorite rapper in this "new class" because he doesn't take himself too seriously in this rap game and relates to the average 20-something year old person. His music consists of partying, smoking, drinking and having lots of affairs with attractive young women...what's not to like?! Big Sean raps using a lot of metaphors and witty wordplay. Out of Detroit, and signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label, Big Sean has 2 mixtapes: Finally Famous Vol's. 1 and 2. His debut album is due out sometime in late 2010. If you haven't heard him, check his ass out. All in all, whoever you endorse as your "new favorite rapper" support them and tell me why they are better than Big Sean.


  1. Big Sean tho?
    Ok, yeah, I enjoy his music. Yeah he raps about the average college student's (well at least Howard student) lifestyle. Yeah he has witty wordplay (which I think is best demonstrated on his Lemonade Freestyle). And, Yeah, he doesn't take himself too seriously. So is that a good thing that he doesn't take himself too seriously? I think not. This is the main reason why I canNOT endorse (great word) Big Sean. Besides Wayne, I can't think of another rapper who made a legacy by establishing themselves as merely a punchline rapper, which I'm sure you would agree is Big Sean's claim to fame.
    Punchline greats (Jay, Big, Andre, Kanye, Common etc.) used impressive punchlines (more impressive than Big Sean for the most part) to help them get their message across, not in vain. Kinda seems like "new age" rappers are more inspired by Lil Wayne than JayZ, smh.
    At the top of my list, I would have to say, is JCole for the exact reason that I would not put Big Sean up there. But you may say he is too serious, and I may have to agree. But, I'd rather too serious than too silly anyday, but thats just me.
    Top 4 "new age" rappers in my opinion:Jcole, Drizzy, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Young that order.

    PS. Yes I put Wiz in front of Big Sean, simply because he's just different, independent, and a weed head...hmmm sounds Devin the Dude.

  2. Good points. But when I say that Big Sean doesn't take himself too seriously, I believe it is a good thing. Big Sean perfectly embodies what rap is today. Rap is taking a new direction and Big Sean is is right on track. Rappers don't rap about the same things that they used to. Selling drugs and guns are far less prevalent. Majority of the "new class" of rappers can't rap about the same things that rappers used to simply because thats not THEIR story. I think these rappers are inspired by Jay-Z, but just can't relate to HIS story because they never lived it.
    As far as J. Cole goes, you're right, he is the best lyricist of this "new class" in my opinion. He also embodies what rap is becoming being a graduate from St. Johns University in New York. J. Cole reminds me a lot of Nas, as he is far more lyrically talented than majority of his peers. However, also like Nas I can see J. Cole being one of the premier lyricists in the rap game but falling through the cracks of the mainstream rap industry.
    And I got love for Wiz, but is he REALLY better than Big Sean?? And don't we already have a lonely stoner rapper in Kid Cudi?