Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who's Better? Wayne or Kanye

Rufus Smith: WAYNE. Though, I would have to pick Kanye if the question was based off of substance. Granted, Wayne doesn't really talk about anything in his songs, but he had an era, a period in time (2007,2008) when he was dominating the game. He made some the best mixtapes on all the popular beats with entertaining wordplay, and literally had EVERYONE "...waiting on my sequel" (This Is the Carter). This may lead to another discussion but there are only a hand full of rappers that had an era, Kanye is not one of them. When I consider who the best are, first, I think of who dominated the "game" the longest and hardest. As far as rapping (as opposed to production) Waynes Carters, Dedications, and Droughts are collectively better and more entertaining than Kanye West's projects...

Christian Taylor:

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