Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ross Vs. Jeezy

Jeezy thinks the C.O. took it a little too far with B.M.F. Jeezy declined Ross's invitation top hop on the remix, instead he made his own version of the song with the Meech. It could be a "planned beef" because both artists are on the same label, so it would bring in extra dollars. Not to mention Ross's new album Teflon Don came out today (I'm going to cop it after work for sure), and Jeezy's TM103 is also near release. Nevertheless, this has to happen. I think people have been waiting on this, especially Ross fans.  And I'm even surprised that I'm saying this but I'm taking Ross in this one. Somehow, someway, even the the C.O. thing is a killer among other things (like every song on the album has features). I just haven't been impressed with most Jeezy's bars lately. What do you think? Whose album will sell more?

1 comment:

  1. If these two had a battle, I don't really know who would win. I would probably pick Jeezy because aside from Jeezy being a very good rapper, he has the respect of the streets. I don't think many fans are willing to co sign with Officer Ricky. Rick Ross' album is super nice, but you have to add in the fact that he has superstar features on every song on the album. Jeezy makes a superb album every time he drops one and usually has limited features. Rick Ross may sell more albums due to a star studded tracklist but I think the fans and the streets will side with Jeezy all day.