Thursday, July 8, 2010

J Cole disses Drake?

Who Dat, his first single...
"A couple of yall aint took a field trip to the hood. ay me im fresh prince im will smith to the hood Baby!
aint sayin names but we not the same, all that money and the fame dont change the fact that u lame
might wanna grab you a chain wanna tip up your hat, might wanna purchase some game homie your shit is so wack"

Back to the Topic Freestyle:
"Thinking how these rap niggas gotta be fakin', Whole style obviously copied, pasted
Plagiarized swag, may arrive last, But when it’s all said and done I’mma be ahead of them..."

"Far from an overnight achiever, Cole is like the leader
Of the new niggas, to tell the truth I’m only fucking with a few niggas
If that, the rest of you niggas get lapped"

Just Begun:
"Really though, I’m LeBron, Really don’t got my mind,
on this new school of rappers, I will really go Columbine
& throw up the diamond sign"

Drake didn't come into the rap game from the hood. He came in the game already rich and famous. Alot of true hip hoppers have a hard time appreciating Drake because of his rap-sing style ("wack"). On the freestyle he could be referring to how Drake is a swagger jacker, which he definately is. I think most people will agree with me when I say Drake styles sounds like a polished version of Wayne and Kanye (808s and Heartbreak). Also J Cole understands Drake is in the lead now but he's ok with that. But he still say he's the leader of the "new niggas", only f*cking with "a few niggas if that" ...not Drake though, he can "get lapped." And finally, "on this new school of rappers I will really go Columbine...and throw up the Diamond sign" like whats up Young Money lol. That's one of my favorite lines from him btw.

Granted, he could be generally speaking in all these lines, or they could be subliminal. I'm going with the latter just because of who is mentor is, Jay-Z, who is the king of subliminal lines. If J Cole really is dissing Drake, I applaud him. Not because I don't like Drake but because, to me, the "diss" game is crutial in hip hop (also adressed in previous posts), and it seems that nobody wants to go there anymore these days. J Cole does though...I think. What do you think?

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  1. dat is intresting. i think u mite be rite tho. my nigga j cole da thruth