Thursday, June 10, 2010


Wordplay is my favorite part of rap music. I consider wordplay to be metaphors, similies, puns, double meanings, etc..... basically anything clever. What makes it even better is when it contributes to the message told in the song. For instance, consider Lil Wayne. He uses an abundance of wordplay in his songs but it seems like thats what the song is focused on, wordplay. Now consider Kanye. Kanye is the best in the game right now when it comes to wordplay, maybe even the 2nd best of all time (I'm sure you have noticed by now that both me and Christian consider Jay-z the best in every category of rap). Remember when 'Ye said, "its gon take alot more coupons to get us saved"...I don't know, maybe its just me. Or in the same song he said, "I can't complain what the accident did to my left eye, Cuz look what an accident did to Left Eye, First Aaliyah, now Romeo Must Die"...Damn. Of course, thats the same song Jay said, "Picked the rock from a pebble, Peddled rock before I met you, Peddle bikes got my nephew's, Pedal bikes because they special"...Yea, he said that.
Anyways, the only reason I said Kanye MAYBE the 2nd best, in because of a man that goes by the name Andre 3000. If I had to pick one verse to define wordplay I'd choose International Players Anthem. I don't have enough time to spell out all the wordplay (since I'm supossed to be working) but here's my favorite, real short and simple: "I'm something like a pip, I glad its night....Gladys Knight and Pips for all you morons out there. That was disgusting! (I mean that in a good way).
So, I'd say Jay, Kanye, and 3000 are the best wordplay rappers, if you will, with the latter 2 interchangeable. Hands Down.


PS. Honorable mention to J Cole, he'll be in the discussion in a few years...
"These niggas is playing Russian roulette with a full clip, foolish/
My crew is foolless naw we don’t DANCE all we do is stay TWO STEPS ahead/
Make the hoes get loose like a noose neck - Instead/ while these dudes beg for head/
They got the game twisted/
heavy traffic in this rap shit, look how my lane shifted/
elevated my game, lifted my name
Now these lame niggas could never get it/
Like that bad bitch you wanted but could never hit it
Clever with it, my flow like a devil spit it and heaven sent it/
So high if I dropped I would fall for 11 minutes
So yea, I operate on a higher plane, my thoughts take a higher train/
It's dope, then you should know the suppliers name/
It's J. Cole, set of horns and a halo/
And all these Jose Cansecos wanna text-us like Waco"


  1. Very true. Wordplay is a crucial part rap music. I'd probably have to add Lil' Wayne to my list of rappers who are great with wordplay.

    "Mike Jordan of rap, outside Jay working. Now watch how quickly I drop 50." -Jay-Z, "Intro", Life and Times of S. Carter. (By the way this line is a subliminal diss to 50 Cent).

    "I wish I studied abroad, instead I studied a broad/and she studied me back, and her course was hard."-Andre 3000, "30 Something (Remix)"

    "Have you ever felt you ever wanted to kill her/Then you mix them emotions with tequilla/Then you mix that with a little bad advice/On one of them bad nights/You have a bad fight..."-Kanye West, "Bittersweet (Feat. John Mayer", "Graduation"

    "Owww/Hoes turn they heads like, owls/I'm the man of the, hour."-Jay-Z, "Light Up", off of Drake's "Thank Me Later

    These are just some classic examples of some of my favorite punchlines from rappers I like.

  2. Big L deserves his own comment:

    "...before I buck lead, and make a lot of blood shed
    Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread
    And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nothing Butt-head"

    "I'm lookin nuthin like ya poppa ,
    I wouldnt give a chick 10 cent to put cheese on a Whopper,
    they wanna know why im so fly,
    a girl ask me for a ring and i put one around her whole eye!"

    "Cuz in a street brawl I strike men, like lightnin', you seen what happened in my last fight friend? Alright then!"

    "I got sluggs for snitches no love for bitches/
    puttin thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches/
    i got a rep that make police sweat known to get a priest wet/
    i neva beg for pussy like Kieth Sweat
    is Big L. slow..hell no/
    bitches get fucked on a roof when i aint got no hotel dough."