Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So who sells the most?

Will Thank Me Later live up to all the hype? At first I would have said yes, now I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong Drake just released one of my top 5 albums of all time. Still, there are a few that could out do him though:

1. Eminem- Recovery (formally Relapse 2). I mean, Relapse won the grammy for "Best Rap Album".
2. Kanye- Good Ass Job. If anyone can have better production than Thank Me Later, Ye is that man.
3. Jeezy- TM103. Jeezy is just hot right now.
4. Diddy- Last Train to Paris. Regarding sales, everyone knows Diddy is the king of marketing.  Not to mention Jay, Drake, T.I., and Wayne will be on the album, to name a few.
5. T.I. - King Uncaged. The King of the South is fresh outta jail.
6. Chingy- Success and Failure. LOL JK.

PS Its crazy that Drake's debut album is competing with these heavyweights. SMH, the man is talented. O, and here are a few additional albums to look out for: Trill OG (Bun), Red Album (Game), and Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (Big Boi).


  1. Christian:
    I think Kanye will sell the most. The only other people that could possibly compete with him are Drake and Eminem. I don't even think they can top 'Ye though. Eminem has proven to a lot of his fans that he isn't the same rapper he used to be. Drake is a new guy, and we don't know what kind of sales he's capable of. Kanye West though has proven with every album that he has the potential to go Platinum within only a few weeks (at the most. Plus, the fans can't wait to get another Kanye rap album.

  2. Ima have to disagree. Actually, we do have an idea of what Drake is capable of ourageous numbers. He dropped So Far Gone. It only had 7 songs and sold 500,000. I think Kanye is the one who lost fans with 808s and HeartBreak (not I). And Eminem obviously didn't lose that many, he won the ultimate award in Hip Hop with his last album.

  3. Not an Eminem fan, but he definitely does numbers as he has proven time and time again over the years. so i don't think Kanye, as talented as he is can outsell Em, i mean Jay doesn't even do Em numbers. With all that aside here is my list of hip hop/rap albums I think we sell the most this year...

    1. Eminem - Recovery
    2. Kanye West - Good Ass Job
    3. Drake - Thank Me Later
    4. Rick Ross - Teflon Don
    5. Jeezy - TM103
    6. T.I. - King Uncaged
    7. Jay-Z - Best Of
    8. Diddy - Last Train To Paris

  4. I think ever since Kanye came out with 808's his fans have been craving another solid rap album from him. The hype behind his new single "Power" is crazy, and he's returning back to award show stages this summer at the BET Music Awards. This should hype Yeezy up even more. Plus Em hasn't gone Platinum first week since '04, that was 6 years ago. The music industry has changed since then and sales are WAY down. One of the reasons I have confidence in Kanye is because he just went Platinum first week in 2007.

  5. sales werent WAY down in 07 tho. They didnt go WAY down till late 08 early 09. Remember the Carter 3, released in mid 2008...1 million in the first week. he had the hype of course but still.

  6. Apparently Drake sold 462,000 copies first week. Kanye and Em will both sell more than that EASY.