Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lil' Wayne's Best Mixtape?

Earlier today (while I was supposed to be paying attention in summer school) Rufus and I started talking about Lil' Wayne. I started off by saying I wasn't really feeling Wayne's verse on Eminem's new song. Rufus started saying I'm not a Wayne fan, and I had to think "Am I a Wayne fan anymore?". The answer is yes, but not like I used to be. No Ceilings was entertaining, and it was good to Wayne back rapping on popular beats. But all the Young Money features made half the mixtape wack. My favorite Lil' Wayne mixtape is Da Drought 3. On Da Drought 3 Wayne rapped on a variety of popular beats ranging from hip-hop, R&B (Upgrade and Promise) and even a Gnarls Barkley track (Crazy). The mixxtape was 2 discs and Wayne crashed everyone on their own beat. 2007 was Wayne's year and Da Drought 3 is a big reason why.

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  1. 2007 was Waynes year. Fact. Drought 3 is Wayne's best mixtape. Fact. The arguement was (in my perspective) if Wayne spits as well as he did, say in 2007. Though there is no doubt that he does not spit the quantity he used to, I think he verses are of a higher quality. Meaning the few verses he raps on say No Ceilings are greater than or equal to (puting those math classes to use) those om the Drought 3 or any other mixtape, give or take a few. When it comes to metaphors, similies, puns, etc. Wayne has always been one of the best. When it comes to substance, not so much. I propose that Wayne is incorporating more substance in his songs. (Not all, but some, which is more than he used to) Still, he uses his wordplay to get his point across. Perfect example from Eminem's new song featuring Wayne, No Love:
    That’s why my bars are full of broken bottles
    And my night stands are full of open Bibles.
    That's beautiful. An outstanding play on words that reflects the emotion of the song. This tells me he still has his wordplay ability but now he is just incorporating substance. Which is why I made the statement that he keeps getting better. This is the second track that Wayne has held his own on with Eminem, who is one of the best substance rappers of all time. Unfortunately, my whole substance arguement can be easily countered with his feature on Drake's Miss Me. LOL, Wayne was not on topic at all. But then again neither was Drake. That songs jams but I just dont get it.
    Sometimes I think Wayne gets less love today because of how he changed the game. He put the focus on wordplay and now every rapper seems to make this a focal point, giving us other options if we want to hear wordplay. He lets us know he's still here though with mixtapes like No Ceilings and features like No Love.