Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dipset 2010 Reunion

I've always felt that Dipset was a group comprised of subpar rappers (with an exception of Cam'Ron).  However, my opinion obviously doesn't hold much weight since the groups debut album was a success and went Gold after 2 months.  Once these guys split up in 2007, all kinds of stories started coming out, like Cam'Ron claiming that Juelz was a "syrup head" and "addicted to cough syrup" (problem? lol.)  But now the group has announced their return and have an album and a new single ("Salute") on the way.  My questions are: 1. Will Dipset once again become relevant in the rap industry? 2. Do you care that they're coming back?


  1. I completely agree with Dipset being a label made up of sub par rappers with the exception of Cam'ron. Do i think they'll be back at the forefront of the rap game again? No, no one outside of the blog world will care. The only reason the blog world is hyped on it is because they'll celebrate anyone in NY doing shit. There's a lack of NY presence in rap right now and this reunion is the city's last shot at being relavent. All that being said i'm still happy about the reunion haha.

    - R.Ske

  2. I dont' think so but they do have a hot new artist, Vado. He might be able to help em out a lil bit. But Cam'ron lost his touch. As for the rest of the Dipset members, I don't expect anything spectacular.

  3. Vado is an up and coming artist that rolls with Cam and shit, but he isn't a member of the new Dipset Crew I don't believe. I think the hype alone will get a lot of people interested (especially New Yorkers who have been dying for a Dipset reunion), however, I don't think that the finished product will be very special. @R.Ske, Cam has fallen very far and Juelz couldn't even get hot when Wayne was promoting him to be the best rapper alive besides himself. At the most I think it will provide a nice single and some decent production. No love from the industry though.